Mona-Lisa Neagu


Mona-Lisa Neagu graduated from the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Commercial Relations and Internal and International Finance (specialization in Business Accounting) of the Romanian-American University, then obtained master’s degrees in business law and business management and audit.

Mona-Lisa Neagu has relevant experience in defending clients accused of economic crimes, corruption offenses, computer crimes etc., especially before criminal prosecution bodies, including DNA and DIICOT.

Throughout her professional career, Mona-Lisa Neagu has gained experience with complex contracts and groups of contracts, as well as managing difficult, contentious situations related to corporate agreements and negotiations. She also has extensive experience before the courts in civil law, commercial, and administrative litigation. She communicates very well in English and colloquially in Spanish and Italian.

Due to her professional experience, scientific concerns (Ph.D. obtained at the Police Academy), and communication skills, Mona-Lisa Neagu has been invited as a speaker in numerous scientific events. She regularly publishes scientific essays.

Mona loves the mountains, the sea, and puppies.

Mona-Lisa Neagu is active and has rich experience in Criminal Law and Administrative Disputes, as well as Contract Litigation.