Andrei Săvescu


Legal experience

Criminal law: computer crime, corruption offenses, tax evasion, European funds, murder etc. (since 1994)

Civil and Commercial litigation (since 1995)

Contracts and groups of contracts, partnership agreements, and negotiations (since 1996)

Intellectual property, trademark, and internet domain litigation (since 2001)

Employment litigation, dismissals, collective dismissals, special clauses in employment contracts, exit package negotiations (since 2002)

International capital market transactions: derivatives, appropriate jurisdictions (since 2006)

Online platforms and shops (RNPM, Social), contractual mechanisms and evidence (since 2008)

World Bank Rapporteur for the Doing Business in Romania project, Enforcing Contracts (2009-2021)

Personal data protection, privacy care & compliance, implementation and written consultations (since 2011)


Arbitrator at the International Commercial Arbitration Court of the Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (since 2009); super-arbitrator (2012-2016, 2016-present)

Experience in Organizations

Member of the Bucharest Bar Association (since 1994)

Managing Partner SĂVESCU & ASOCIAȚII (since 1997)

Coordinator of the legal portal (since 2003)

Founding member of the Association for Technology and Internet (since 2004)

President of the Society of Legal Sciences (since 2009)

Associate researcher at the Institute of Legal Research „Acad. Andrei Rădulescu” of the Romanian Academy (since 2010)

Honorary member of the National Union of Experts in Labor Law (since 2020)

Scientific experience

Director of the Journal of Legal Notes and Studies, ISSN 2066-0944, an information publication for legal professionals, accredited by the National Institute for the Training of Lawyers for the recognition of the publishing activity of lawyers as a way of fulfilling the obligation of continuous professional training (since 2009)

Director of the Romanian Journal of Data Protection, ISSN 2601-4289, information publication for specialists in personal data protection (2018-2020)

Coordinator of Law Practice, the first publication in the last 50 years containing claims, defenses, appeals, written conclusions, legal consultations, and internal procedures of a law firm (2003 ed. 1, 2013 ed. 2)

Coordinator Labour Code Annotated. Doctrine and case law, the first work in the last 50 years to contain almost 3000 up-to-date doctrine and case law notes (2005)

Coordinator Legal force of arbitral awards (2012)

Coordinator of personal data protection guidelines for various business areas (coordinator and author (2017-2019)

Coordinator of the General Data Protection Regulation. Comments and explanations (2018)

Doctor of Law, Labour Jurisdiction (2008)

Author of numerous legal articles (since 1998)

Author of several opinion articles in areas tangential to the legal field (since 1987)

Speaker at numerous legal conferences, debates, and workshops (since 1998)

Coordinator of a large number of legal conferences, debates, and workshops (since 2006)

Teaching experience

Assistant (1998-2003), Lecturer (2003-present); Romanian-American University (Civil Law 1998-2016, Cyberlaw 2005-2016), West University (Cyberlaw – Internet Law – since 2015) and Titu Maiorescu University (Cyberlaw – Information Technology Law – since 2021), INPPA trainer (Internet Law – 2009, Personal Data Protection – since 2021)