Răzvan Crăciunaș


Răzvan Crăciunaș was born in Bucovina. He is strong, pragmatic, and committed. He graduated from the Faculty of Law of the University of Bucharest; Master degree in European Union Law at the Faculty of Law of the University of Bucharest.

Răzvan Crăciunaș has been practicing law since the beginning of his career in our law office, SĂVESCU ȘI ASOCIAȚII. He can be distinguished by his remarkable vision of litigation, finding and supporting innovative legal solutions in criminal, administrative, commercial, and labor law cases, as well as by his ability to manage difficult and complex situations. Responsible, confident, and constant he handles legal tools and cases with ease.

The solidity of his professional training, the strength of his approach and the clarity of his expression, the exceptional qualities he has proven, were the elements that made his activity as Managing Associate, since the traineeship period, to be naturally followed, through devotion and abnegation, by the position of Partner. Quickly became an important piece of the legal construction of SAVESCU & ASSOCIATES. Has considerable experience before the courts and public prosecutors’ offices, where he has convinced for favorable solutions for clients, through the meticulous preparation of files and the defense of cases with aplomb.

The practice areas in which he activates and has a rich experience are Criminal Law and Administrative Disputes, as well as Commercial Litigation, Employment Litigation, and Intellectual Property Litigation.